Gattin Digital Marketing and Web Development

Originating in 2015, Gattin Digital Marketing’s launch can be traced back to its founder’s venture into selling online courses to businesses in search of effective business models and plans. Faced with limited alternatives, the founders took it upon themselves to explore the space of online advertising and harness the power of various social media platforms.

Through an innovative and distinctive approach, Gattin Digital Marketing swiftly gained substantial momentum, magnetising leads and customers alike. As enterprises increasingly sought out their expertise in Website and Software development, Gattin Digital Marketing crystallised as a brand that epitomises the core principles of Relate, Amplify, and Solve into their business model.

Web design and software development

We’re a dedicated and creative company. We believe that the simplest way is often the best way. We approach web design and software development in the same way.
We are as excited and passionate about your projects as you are. We deliver what you need, when you need it.
We take the time to listen to your needs and ideas. We then start off with the smallest possible testable steps and work from there. Ever notice how at the beginning, features get developed fast but as time goes by, the process gets slower and slower? The way we develop software allows for faster future feature addition and maintainability.
Not something everyone can say about their software.

Our core business strengths lie in all business sectors where we are able to provide custom software development on all Microsoft Windows based platforms. Our other specialty lies in bespoke website design from normal business websites, to shopping portals, to web based systems that specifically cater for your companies business processes.

Our programming expertise is entrenched in Microsoft products and programming languages such as Delphi XE, the latest ASP.Net languages, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe. All these tools allow us to develop the smallest to the largest and most complex programs available today.

Our approach to business has always remained the same, we become a part of your business. In order for us to create any program or give any other service to your company we will need to understand your business. Its not at all uncommon for us to offer our clients a better approach to doing business than what they had in mind and this is because we bring with us the experience of services rendered to many other companies in the past and the synergies that many different business types have between each other. We are a proactive company that constantly seeks to do things better than they were in the past and we always strive to measure this against quantifiable factors that show whether a new program has for example reduced costs, improved profits and we try to always monetize these figures as closely to 100% accuracy as possible.